Hughes Family Origins in Australia

My great great grandfather, Charles Hughes, arrived in Sydney, Australia on 22nd Nov 1817 on board the "Larkins", as a guest of King George III. Charles had been tried and convicted at the Old Bailey on a charge of "felonious assault on the king's highway" (ie. relieving a pedestrian of his pocket watch).

After a year in Sydney, Charles was sent to Newcastle in 1819 where he eventually became assistant harbour pilot. After gaining his ticket-of-leave in 1827 Charles married Amelia Nichols, daughter of John Nichols. John had also arrived, courtesy of the crown, on board the "Scarborough" with the first fleet in 1788. John Nicols married Ann Pugh. Amelia was a currency lass; born in the colony.

After a sojourn in Newcastle as assistant harbour pilot and then publican, Charles moved his young family west to Maitland and later to Branxton, NSW. He was licensee of the Woolpack Inn. In all Charles and Amelia had 8 children. Charles and Amelia are buried at Branxton in the general cemetery.

You can find out more about Charles' & Amelia's descendants, along my branch of the Hughes family tree, by checking out our Ancestors.

Charles' origins are unknown. His native place was stated as Manchester at his trial. Records of his birth or those of his parents have not yet been located, if indeed they exist. Needless to say, the search goes on ….

There is a lot more detail in..
The Story of John Nichols-First Fleeter
by S. Tuck, S. Draper, B. Coleman, J. Marden.

ISBN 0 7316 4096 9

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